A photo proofing system that works directly out of your WordPress blog

Easy to install, easy to customize and set-up for the best client experience. All you need is a WordPress self-hosted blog and you are good to go. The system works independently and therefore will not affect your current blog theme in any way.

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Complete control and 100% ownership

ProofPress is a proofing photo cart system that works as a plugin from your WordPress administration panel. No need to remember different passwords for different admin accounts, no need to have a multitude of admin urls to remember, but instead just one plain WordPress backend. It installs as easy as any other plugin for WordPress and opens a totally new interface with a multitude of options and useful features. All you need is a self-hosted WordPress blog. Install it, set it up, upload your images and voilà!

Keep your content.

Your proofing system’s content is yours to own. Unlike most hosted services, ProofPress never prevents you from moving your data or backing up your information.


ProofPress is hosted on your own server where you have complete control over your proofing system and your images.

Front End Customization

You can customize your proofing site by editing a multitude of options like logo, background, fonts, colors etc without any knowledge of HTML or other programming languages. Besides that you can build your own custom templates and layouts using our templating API.

Powerful Client Management

Client management has never been easier. With ProofPress you can create a separate site per client and add only the galleries pertaining to that client. ProofPress allows you to create client sites with a custom URL structure (yoursite.com/proofpress/client.name/), where clients will see only their galleries, and you can even add a text page to this site with fully editable content, like instructions on what to wear and/or where to come, a link to the Model Release forms or you decide what.


Add as many galleries to a client page as you wish, they will all be accessible from the same client page. You can password protect each gallery, set expiry dates, assign customer categories for price discrimination and more…


You can invoice a client directly from the backend and get paid as easy as 1-2-3!

A Revolutionary Way to Manage Collections/Packages

With ProofPress we are reinventing how Collections are managed in your photo cart. You can add any of the products already added by you in the system, add print credit and/or a discount and decide whether to apply it on that order only or for future orders as well. Print credit on the other hand can either be applied to one or multiple categories of products and works automatically. With all this being said we are introducing Custom Collections, where you can set a minimum quantity of a certain product or category to be bough for a certain price and therefore let the customer decide on creating their own collection.

Great Product Management

After you create your products, during the creation of a certain gallery you can decide which products should be available in that gallery. You can set discounts depending on quantity, add as many variations or product options you want and of course display an image of that product. Not only can you sell Prints, Canvases or other printing products, with ProofPress you can add any product, like Photo Frames, Key Chains, Mugs, Clocks or … oh well, you decide, just use your imagination!

Album proofing.

When you add an album, the system allows you to choose the number of pages and images that can be added, you can add as many variations as you want and other options.

Print Credit.

Adding print credit to collection has never been easier. ProofPress allows you to add print credit for a certain category of products that will then be automatically calculated for the client during his checkout.

Price Discrimination.

Do you serve different customer categories, like Seniors, Newborns or Weddings? Do you want to sell one and the same product but for different prices for different customers? You can do that with ProofPress. Just create your customer categories and you will be able to set a different price for each of your products for the different customers. Well, what if one of your customers does both a Wedding session and then a New Born session with you? In this case you can set the pricing category to the gallery you create on the customer’s page.